TC-KL [AU TZ] is recruiting

Hello there
Tactically Challenged is primarily AU TZ corporation, part of Tactical Supremacy alliance, part of Legacy Coalition.
We are about 3 years old corp, established in our ways and willing (even eager) to get some new blood in. Weather you are new or bitter, you are welcome. Mind you, we are primarily AU tz even though we have a few Americans and such. What this means is that if you do not play around DT, you will be lonely. Very lonely.

We own our sov for which we have paid Iron Price (whatever that means), and which we defend any way we can. We have seen our share of fights with a lot of entities from Goons to PL and a lot of other things in between, and we are still standing some would say stronger then ever. Aussies are never afraid to mix it up :). So … This is what we offer :slight_smile:

  • PVP small/med fleets (usually from solo to say 80 people in fleet), large fleets (coalition stuff)
  • PVE we own i suppose decent space in Catch, offering all the PVE related activities any semi decent 0.0 corp would offer - can check location on Dotlan
  • Logistic services
  • Opportunity to FC if that is something you may be interested in
  • Forum/mumble/discord … probably other stuff too
  • Advice for new people
  • Possibility to move up the ranks (if you care about that)
  • No CTAs - but of course if we are defending space you are “strongly encouraged” to participate in fleets
  • Can make fun of Fawlty every day
  • We also do player meets a lot - not sure if that’s a selling point but whatever :slight_smile:

One additional point. We do not have SRP. Never did, never will. Until Fawlty changes his mind :). However in our space there is enough of ISK making opportunities to dull that particular dagger … so to speak …

What we want:

  • AU TZ
  • You are not a feeder. Small stuff and PVP losses are fine.
  • You are willing to learn stuff if needed
  • You are willing to fly doctrines as called by FC
  • You are ideally not a spy, but whatever. If you are at least be funny and engaging. Nothing worse then boring spy …
  • Your characters will be checked in game :).
    … That’s it i suppose. Come play with us.

Join TC-KL pub in game today !!!
See you out there.

Some promo stuff :slight_smile:

Random crap:

When people thought these idiot hats were cool …

More silly crap:

Tikle vs Provi…

TIKLE & DV vs SU and friends


Continue on to the stars boys !!!

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Up it goes

Still recruiting. And will for a good while. Come get some content in the South.

Still looking for people.

Up up. Looking for more people. Come get some content. South is where its at atm.

More, we need more

Up we go for more action.

Still recruiting all. Come play :slight_smile:

Always recruiting

We are recruiting more!

to the stars and all

We need more warm bodies. Come have some fun in AU TZ.

wars to be fought !!!

Come join the grinder boys, war is on !!!

Justice for AU TZ !!!

War rages on. we want more people in. To forge them like diamonds they are in fire !!!

Stuff to be done, need more people to help us do it :).

On going recruitment drive.

Looks like we are winning the war … come join the winning side. Always best side!!

1 up !!!