[Null Sec] [AU/US] TIKLE - Tactically Challenged is Recruiting

Tactically Challenged is led by the great FC and leader Fawlty7 and is a primarily AUTZ based corporation within Tactical Supremacy, a mixed timezone alliance.

We are looking for players of all timezones and SP/Experience levels to come join us and be a part of our corporation and alliance.

We are very newbie friendly, our corporation has a mix of both old and young players as well as having a wide spread of experience in EVE from brand new players to old, jaded and bitter vets and we take care of our newer players to ensure they enjoy the game and their time with us.

We are a medium sized sovereignty holding force in the Catch area, but we are an AUTZ powerhouse and we can take on forces much greater then our own and come out equal or on top with the help of our allies Dangerous Voltage and the Watchmen.

Check out our awesome new recruitment video, courtesy of Blitz Kriegar

For more information drop by our public channel “TC-KL Pub” and have a chat


Hello world!

We are still recruiting, come have a chat in our public channel!

Sup dudes, still looking for more friends!

Everyone welcome to come hang out in our public chat!

Still looking for cool duders!

Always looking for some more fun.

Lately PL/NC/Frat have been fun to fight :slight_smile:


We’re still here and still looking for more people to come join us, AU/US/EU/Whatever, all welcome

Tikle still looking for some nice blokes!

Some fun fights lately.

Here is the latest! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OT636AUF8nI

Always recruiting :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to seeing some new faces this holiday!

Looking forward to another year of TCKL!

Updoots for more friends!

Still dropping everything we find - come join!

Recruitment still open for the best AU tz group :slight_smile:

Join “TC-KL Pub” In game

Breaking news! Recruitment is still open!

I’ll let you in on a secret, recruitment is still open!

Hey all!

Still looking for more AUTZ friends - even have our own keepstar now!

Still taking names and kissing babies