TC-KL [TIKLE] AU TZ is recruiting

AUTZ: 0600 to 1200 EVE time

TC-KL is an independent nullsec/lowsec content generation group whose goal is fun and some frags. Our culture is that of comradely jesting, content speculation, and friendly banter at the expense of corporate leadership.

Our alliance, TIKLE, is well-known for its capital prowess, willingness to fight undermanned, and ability to fight above its weight. Unlike a lot of AUTZ Corps we have great friends in high and low places, which gives a range of opportunities from hunting Titans in lowsec to cubbing big game in nullsec without the politics or soul breaking Tidi. Hell do you want to smuggle supers or just explore? Welcome.

Do we care about killboards? Nah. Not really. Pick the fights you want.

But Sir I am an honorable Industrialist, does TC-KL need those? Yes. Nothing wrong with being an industrialist, in fact most of TC-KL has gotten filthy rich either building massive amounts of T2, selling Titans or mining copious amounts of ice and moons. We are and take pride in being turbo krabs, we prefer to make ISK the better way rather than orbiting an anom for a measly 20m tic.

Currently we are not aligned with any major nullsec blocs so we can do whatever we want, especially eat popcorn when ■■■■ goes sideways.

Hop in the public chat “TC-KL Pub” or join our Discord and come chat with us.

For your viewing pleasure:

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