Tactically Challenged | AU/US

TCKL is inviting players in AU/NZ and Freedom time-zones to come join us and be a part of our gaming gaggle.

TCKL is an independent Curse-based content generation group whose goal is fun. Our culture is that of comradely jesting, content speculation, and friendly banter at the expense of corporate leadership. We have in many ways grown up together through years of fleets, RL meetups, and the efforts of the Bogan from Logan - Fawlty7.

You should join us if you are interested in more than just Eve itself, but the relationships you will form through this group.

We will offer you the best sorts of medium scale, capital escalating fights in AU/NZ tz and intimate small gangs across time-zones. Our alliance, TIKLE, is well-known for it’s capital prowess, willingness to fight undermanned, and ability to fight above it’s weight.

Fly down to our staging in Jorund, hop in the public chat “TC-KL Pub”, and come have some fun.

For your viewing pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtw2XfPa_Vu0g5BOeJWdZcJ6n-kWQuvDI

Just some more fun and games

Friends have been avoiding fires, stay safe out there

Well the doril pipe looks nice a red :slight_smile:

Took some filaments today. Fun times

Happy Holidays all and make sure to get your filaments!

Welcome back from Christmas everyone! Keep shooting people :slight_smile:

Having more fun with filaments - 06 level and better are amazing for getting straight to content

Still looking for new friends - come have some fun we just had a great fight against legacy

Having some great content with Pbatt and his filament roams.


Still looking for those brave adventurous pilots who don’t want to live in a giant blue doughnut!

Had some fun today with a few fleets - come join the party

Back to work :frowning:
Looking forward to the weekend and some more filament fleets

Hopefully the new filament replacements are as good as these have been to us… Hello Drone space.

Obviously Pbatt forgot about this thread as I am in comms with him and it hasnt been updated in a few days…

always looking for more people to join the fun.

hit up TC-KL Pub today!

Quite a few new faces and always happy to make new friends!

Come down for the last few days of Holiday Filaments!

Hopefully the filaments stay around and are a good way for cheap quick pvp!

Last day of filaments :frowning:
Maybe we will get them back? Still recruiting!

Still looking for friends!