Tactically Challenged | AU/US

Causing some hurt to some legacy renters. Hopefully we get a couple good fights out of legacy in the next few days.

Had a good capital brawl the other day with Brave, ended up killing nearly their entire capital fleet and looting the field after. https://zkillboard.com/related/30001229/202001230800/

As well as a nice dread kill on the way home: https://zkillboard.com/related/30000013/202001231000/

Come join for some dank brawls.

Still on the lookout for the best pilots out there that want to take the fight to the larger blobs! Apply within!

Hazing nerds since our inception, come join us in our in-game channel “TC-KL Pub” to have a chat about joining this glorious band of Aussies!

Been a few days but we’ve been having some fun despite the DDOS!

Some interesting fights recently. Come hop on board!

Join us… we are all friendly.

Fought a combined BRAVE and The Watchmen fleet yesterday of about 70 pilots, 50 of them in muninns… we wiped the floor with our 30 lokis. Also caused them to jump in and show their hand minutes before DT. If you like fighting out numbered, against the odds and against larger groups. Come have a chat with us in “TC-KL Pub”

Lots of fights over the last few days! Come get in on the action!