Restarting AUTZ Player not pvp (this time) looking for corp


I’m a very old player, started during beta what 10-15+ years ago? played for about 10 years emo raged and never came back.
I had 3 toons all over 100m sp supercaps etc, fought in massive battles, pvp’d 24/7 ran both an alliance and a very successful AU Corp with 200+ members etc so I’m not looking for any of that stuff this time!

I sold my toons many years ago and gave the isk to a bro vowing to never return yet here I am!

So I’ve started 3 new accounts
1x cap pilot currently capable of flying carrier all 5’s jump ready
1x Industry toon - really trying to get into this.
1x PVE based mission/anom/exp/wh based toon

Ideally, I’m looking for an active corp mostly in AUTZ but I play when I want or can so that’s not really important, have 0.0 sov or at least lo sec/wh not real keen on remaining in hi sec unless that part of the game has changed?
I really want to get into isk making side of things and just hang out with like-minded peeps with no set agenda, I’m keen to work toward corp/alliance growth and am willing to be an active contributor.

The toons I have are all sub 20m sp so I won’t bring much to your corp other than an active bloke keen to learn other aspects of the game, I have a real-life which takes precedence over any game so cant commit to set activities but I will try.

Oh the only other thing I’m looking for is maturity not keen on playing with children, I have 3 of my own thankyou.

Anyway if there is anyone out there looking for a body hit me up in game, cheers


Hey mate,

TC-KL is a NPC null/low sec corp that is pretty much neutral to everyone in game. We like to hunt in Catch and shoot Legacy.

Even though we are a pvp focused group, we are also turbo krabs when there isnt any fleets on.

If this sounds interesting hit up “TC-KL Pub” in game or click this link to have a chat:

Thankyou mate, spoke to AP yesterday, we go back many years…

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