Team Americas [YANKS] USTZ

Team Americas [YANKS] is recruiting!

Yanks was formed in 2005 and had a good run for about 3 years, wreaking havoc across the eve universe in low sec and null sec as a solo pvp corp and also with our friends in alliances like Force of Evil [FOE] and Anarchy Empire[RIOT]. We also once stole an alliance.

We are a small tight-knit corp that is a member of the Intergalactic Space Hobos [.BUMS] alliance and we take part in any type of pvp. You will find us in low sec, null sec, worm holes etc. looking for fair fights if we can get them and ganks if we can’t. The more tears the better.

Yanks on zKillboard

What we offer

  • Small gang roams with corp in US time zones and sometimes gate camps
  • Medium size fleets and content with alliance
  • Multiple gang types: T1, T3, BS, Capitals, Black Ops
  • ISK generating opportunities in 0.0 and or low sec
  • JF Logistics

What we are looking for

  • 10 Million skill points
  • Self-sufficient
  • TS3 and Discord
  • Any time zone is welcome
  • Full ESI check

Join channel YANKS in game for more info or evemail Xerith in game.

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Still looking for pilots.

There is always some good fun going on. Great isk making opportunities as well.

Joins YANKS today!

Don’t do it. Nothing good will come of it.

Good people here…join up now!

even a lowly scumbag like myself?

This corp is 10/10. Great group of guys!

Nicklaus, would love to talk to you. I sent you an eve mail in game.


Pilots new to pvp are welcome. Opportunities to make isk in 0.0 and get all the pvp you want. Fun corp and great alliance.

Still looking for pilots. Had a some interesting kills lately =)

Bump! Don’t be shy, I bite.

  1. Join
  2. Fly
  3. Fight
  4. Explosions (if exploded, see #2)

New Home, new targets. Alliance does stuff. Pretty chill

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