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Can someone give me some information regarding Teams or Corporations that are active in the Eve Alliance Tournaments?

I have found it hard to find anyone to contact with regards what I would need to do to join such a team, or what to train into, etc.

Any help would be appreciated as I do imagine there would be many like me who would love to compete, but don’t know where to go or who to speak to about it.


Usually AT teams are close nit groups of “elite” players from the strongest PVP alliances. It’s not something that’s easy to get in to.

You’d have to get into one of those alliances and prove your “eliteness” to the people who run the teams for them. Which is not easy. They don’t invite just anybody on their teams.

I’m not looking to take part in the very next event. That would be too much to ask and I am so crappy at PvP, but I would like to get into one of those Corporations where I might be given advise, learn a few things, and watch how the team goes in the events, the tactics used, what ships, etc. Then after a few years of training, maybe I get a chance to compete if thought good enough by the Team Captain. But first I would have to know where these Corporations are. I know Goonsquad hosted a team in last years Tournament, but they are the only one I know of so far.

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You need to ‘gitgud’ at pvp first, then you’ll get to know people that play in the teams; tuskers, hydra - code will have a team this year im sure… but its not just ‘elite’ pvpers that form teams for the AT.
But first and foremost, start pvping.

That said, how old are you? what racial t2 ships do you fly? what experience do you have?
Are you online a lot? what timezone?

Been playing for almost 2 years as a Gallante. I’m a Miner at present. That being said, most of my PvP experience has come from CODE and the Goons such that I am awesome at avoiding them. My shield skills are pretty much all at level 4 or 5, and of course my mining skills are maxed out.

I once killed a Tristan while i was in a Mack in LS. That’s my only ever kill and that was pretty much by accident.

I am online most of my evenings and I’m Australian.

Currently skilling up Gunnery skills, and I have a passive tank Rattler that I use for PvE.

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You can see what alliances participated here:

If you join/are part of a small alliance it’s actually quite possible to participate as a newbie because they do need 12 people on the field.

Ultimately, you want to get tons of pvp practice in for both for your own sake and your team’s sake. The AT is very top heavy, the same alliances tend to do well every year because they have well organized, high SP, wealthy, and skilled veterans who compete in them.

I actually appreciate that you are considering to take steps in learning.
You know, Ive never heard of someone being interested in finding a way into tourneys before.

Well… I’ve sat in my miner and thought about what I wanted my Eve to be. Do I want to mine all the time? No. My Eve is not about just making Isk. Do I want to go out and gank lesser ships whilst I am in a Battleship? No. My game would not be made nicer for me by making others feel miserable. Would I give my all in working towards a team event where the stakes are high and we practice, practice, practice? Ohhh hell yeah. That is excitement with a capital E, and so that is where I want my Eve to go. I want my Eve to be all about the adrenaline and the glory… the Team and of course, the FairPlay. :slight_smile:

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