Teddybears are here. Wormhole pvp C3 with 0,0 static (Do you want to kill supers and rorqs all the time long, if so, we are here for you)

Up we go :smiley:

And to the top

Have had some amazing fun fights in our last roams, so join in on the fun

Join the corp with the best recruitment banners, so come join us

Up we go.

Our new players have settled in, and its now time to recruit more pilots.
So back to the top where it belongs with this post.

One of you guys made this for me back in the day, I still love it.

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\o/ Holy β– β– β– β–  m8, your still active :smiley:

Your thorax video was the movie that made me go pirate ffs ( I still got it on one of my harddrives).

To those who havent seen it, go watch it, cause its amazing, and shows just how overpowered a t1 cruiser could be :smiley:

We say yes! - do you?


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This deserves a bump.

If this sounds like a corp for you. Join the public channel, and shout!

And up we go

Up we go

Still alive and kicking

Hey, can we have a chat in game? Maybe send me a mail when you see this.

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Hopefully I’ll run into you again later today or something. I didnt have time to log back on after dt yesterday sadly.

Teddybears looks pretty cool.

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As the original Zarq ! (damn the one who still have my account)

I support this initiative


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A legend returns then :heart:

I even ran into Myal a couple of years ago (might be longer, due to time flying faster then i can keep up), on a new char as well.
You back active?

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