Teddybears are here. Wormhole pvp C3 with 0,0 static (Do you want to kill supers and rorqs all the time long, if so, we are here for you)

After our previous corp sorta died of inactivity from our leadership, we desided it was time to reform what once was an historical pirate corp.
Now however we have begun to reform as a wormhole corp and part of Dead Terrorists, an alliance that have now been around for 10 years.

We live in a c3 wormhole with a 0,0 static, and thats where most of our pvp will happen.
If you like small and medium size gangs and really love killing caps then we might just be the corp for you.
We are a EU tz corp, and we are not a training corp, so we do expect that you know how to handle yourself in small and medium size fleets.
We try to have 2 organized fleets pr week, pluss whatever kitchensink stuff we might happen to do the other days.
We do understand that family life comes first, seeing as we are all “old” here, so we wont be rushing you into any cta’s or crap like that.

We also have mining and production capability in the wormhole as well as a decent market for doctrine ships.
Life in wormhole space has never been more easy, and tho we dont have the same moneymaking sites as a high end wh, we still have ways for our members to make isk. Join now and exerience the awesome fun that is Teddybears. We are all veterans of this game, yet we are not even the slightest bit elitist in our ways.

http://discord.gg/3fDj2Uy is our public discord
Outnumbered. is our ingame recruitment channel (link to channel in corp description)
Have a chat with either myself/Eddie/Tellenta, Cognac or Matty

Ask me or Cognac if you have any questions

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Corp recruitment has been closed for a while to let new guys get settled, but its now open again, so come join the fun.

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WH life is cruel and sexy.
Join us if you are able to create content for yourself, and you are able to adapt in fleets.