Teddybears are recruiting. WH corp with 0,0 and low sec roams

We live in a c3 wormhole with a 0,0 static, and thats where most of our pvp will happen.
If you like small and medium size gangs and really love killing caps then we might just be the corp for you.
We are a EU tz corp, and we are not a training corp, so we do expect that you know how to handle yourself in small and medium size fleets.
We try to have 3 organized fleets pr week, pluss whatever kitchensink stuff we might happen to do the other days.
We do understand that family life comes first, seeing as we are all “old” here, so we wont be rushing you into any cta’s or crap like that.

We also have mining and production capability in the wormhole as well as a decent market for doctrine ships.
Life in wormhole space has never been more easy, and tho we dont have the same moneymaking sites as a high end wh, we still have ways for our members to make isk. Join now and exerience the awesome fun that is Teddybears. We are all veterans of this game.

Some of the things we have been doing so far this year

and up

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