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Greetings and Salutations!

Where to begin? If you’re like me, you were late to the EvE space, but when you found it you fell in love with it instantly. I love everything “space”, and EvE felt like it allowed you to live far off into the future for the short time you were signed on and jumping system to system, getting into adventures and fights and what nots.

But that was short-lived, wasn’t it? Now we have comically over-powered null blocs seal-clubbing in hi-sec. We have entire industrial regions in .5 space left in ruins because… well because those who did could. Siege Green has created an all you can eat buffet in hi-sec and the sharks are feeding. It’s nearly impossible to create a small, indy-focused corporation and scale your operations up. Wardeccs come with the station price now as no sooner does it anchor and it’s already been reff’d through shields.

It’s already had a measurable effect on the economy as industry players watching their efforts go up in smoke to groups they can’t possibly mount a defense against log off for the last time in disgust. All of the potential productivity and market activity evaporates with these players as they leave, and without new players to replace them EvE is on the slow, downward slope in active players and new sign ups. Does this sound familiar?

Syndicate. Alliance and Tel Megiddo Coalition are trying to turn this around. Here we train industry pilots in PvP game mechanics and tactics with practical fleets led by some of the most experienced FCs in the game. Joining us, you will find yourself with:

  • A laid back and fun social atmosphere with like-minded adults.
  • Access to resources for new players to jump them ahead of the learning curve. No more grinding on Veldspar for hours on end.
  • Access to industry-driven stations for reactions, production, and invention.
  • Moon mining in HS and LS spaces.
  • Access to wormhole ores and gases.
  • Pl on resource dense planets
  • Help, instruction, and mentorship for every aspect of the game.

What is expected of you?

  1. Assholes need not apply. Do not bring your nonsense here. It won’t be tolerated.

  2. Activity and participation. Building successful corporations is difficult. Alliances and Coalitions even more so. We need people who want to be actively engaged. People who sign on, join fleets and take advantage of the content we are able to provide because they want to… not because they have to.

  3. A willingness to learn, ask questions, and be proactive in your own EvE career goals.

  4. All members must have or create an ALT to train in PvP as a member of our war-eligible corporation. Alpha clones are welcome, Omega clones are preferred, but either way all members must take part in the defense of the Coalition and it’s allies. This is the bedrock foundation we’re building on.

You will be a part of the creation of a democratic republic form of governance in a space filled with dictatorships and little Napoleons. Our Coalition works on a voting system for self-determination. Some of our corporations are member-owned non-profits. You will not be a number here. You dictate your own future - leadership positions are available to those that wish to take on the burden.

The current state of EvE is the inevitable result of cow-towing to null blocs complaining about how boring nullsec is. Have you flown through there lately? It’s a ghost town. Instead of forcing these massive blocs to break up into smaller alliances or making it easier to challenge for territory, they opened hi-sec to them with Siege Green. The only way to combat this and create something better is to work together with like-minded people. That’s where Syndicate. and Tel Megiddo come in.

Reach out to us in game via Red XIII Indy Flight School or @ Tel Megiddo Coalition

Turducken - EvE Edition - Hawk Stuffed in a Vargur

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Hawk | TEL’'C | Killmail | zKillboard

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