Terra Nova MG | HI-SEC Mining, Industry & Missions

o7 everyone,

We are a HI-SEC Corp currently looking for all types of players
Alphas included!

Currently home system in Molden Heath \ Gulfonodi

Our current focus as a start up corp is establishing Industry and trade as well as Mission Runners and PVP pilots for mining fleet security

What Terra Nova Mining Group offers you,

  1. ORE & Salvage Buyback program
  2. 5% Corp Tax
  3. T1 SRP
  4. 29 Asteroid Belts to mine from
  5. Ice Belts 1 Jump away
  6. Moon Mining
  7. Fleet Mining OPs with Maxed Orca Boosts
  8. 5 Jumps from HEK Trade Hub
  9. Mining Missions L1-4 in home system

Our timezone is Eastern US = EVE time -5 hours

Join our recruitment channel = TNMG Recruitment or
contact me RM2SS evafaL


  1. Discord | https://discord.gg/JeqYXFu
  2. Be active
  3. Have a chill mindset, I mean we are mining

Looking forward to hearing from you

Currently in EVE message me if you are interested!

Bump. Currently logged in to answer questions!


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