Texas Law - C2-Null/C5 -> Recruiting Small Gang PvP'ers

Texas Law. Is a new USTZ small-gang Wormhole corporation! Where do we live:

C2 – C5/Null Static

Who are we:

We are a group of guys who have flown together on and off for the past two years. We all love flying in small and nano-gang combat. More specifically, we like flying and winning fights where things like multi-boxing and transversal can make or break the fight. There aren’t many groups in the USTZ that offer this type of PvP; therefore, we decided to start our own corporation.

Who are we looking for:

People who want to make a difference no matter what they enjoy flying. Whether you fly logistics, e-war, or an assault frigate, you can fit into nano-gang content. When we are going after larger targets, we are looking for people who field more than 1 ship. Every ship and ounce of skill you can bring to the fight makes the difference. We are looking for people who wish to fight, obtain, and win those types of fights. Furthermore, we want people who desire to be a part of a team like this! This is cliché but it takes work to learn how to fly with one another and you can never be a perfect pilot. We want to strive for this type of teamwork and fun content every-time we undock.

Finally, please oh god have a sense of humor. We are all a bunch of dudes who enjoy giving each other ■■■■ on coms. We want people who will contribute to our culture or at least not find us completely retarded!
All in all, the greatest feeling in the world is when 5 dumb asses can dunk 23 null-seccers. We want to to be able to take a small group and engage a larger group and have fun while doing so. We look forward to hearing from you!

20 Mil SP
1 Viable Alt
Teamspeak & Discord
Active in USTZ

Questions: If you have any questions feel FREE to join us in TxL. Pub. Feel free to contact any member of our leadership team. We look forward to seeing hearin’ from y’all.

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With the holidays over! It is time to get back to PvP’ing! Come hit us up!

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Hello @Philip_Ricker

I wanted to give a ‘classy’ shout out to this WH group. :speaking_head:

These guys are some Stand-Up and shoot it out kind of ‘PEW_PEW’ entity. And frankly, we need more of these kind of guys around WH Space. If you ever need us, keep up the good fight, and we shall see ya in space…


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Thanks for passing by! Not really looking for an alliance atm :wink:

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