The Abyssal Siege module needs a stat roll fix

to keep this short and simple, the abyssal siege module stat for shield/armor duration “bonus” currently makes the cycle times longer while it is in the green. mean while going in the red makes it shorter which is a little weird that it is shown this way.
2021-03-01 18_36_45-EVE - KnightGuard Fury
besides the fact that its T1, youd think that any stat regarding to boosting and duration that green would be shorter and more boosting, but only for duration it being green does the opposite of what you would expect.

2021-03-02 07_39_57-EVE - KnightGuard Fury

this is the normal rate below :point_down: but the pic above shows increased duration

2021-03-02 07_38_57-EVE - KnightGuard Fury

abyssal siege is showing green for increased duration whereas it should be the reverse

I just checked and indeed the attribute duration has no highisgood meta attribute so it should be considered as high is bad, therefore red is higher than base.

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I’ll pass this on.

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