The Biggest Period Basis Renter Corp Recruiting PVE player!

1.Corp name: PLA Associates
2.Corp Ticker:PLA-A
3.Corp people number: 104
4.TAX: 15%
5.Alliance:Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere
6.Pirate type: Blood
7.Stage:HIX4-H - GSOL South (GoonWaffe)
8.Discord Contact: Silvitni#6804

What we Required: all characters esi registed in alliance websites.

What we can provide:

1.You can pve(Plexing,Anomalies, Mining Sites, Salvaging )in whole Period Basis 40+ system. 7

2.Start isk : 150 M

3.jump freighter Service: JITA <—>1dq1; 1DQ1 <—>hix4

4.Buy back service: t1 modules, t2 modules, faction modules, deadspace modules, salvage, exploration loot (data, relic ect.) , T1 SHIP, Faction ship, T2 SHIP, ore,minerals, capital parts, PI basic, PI refined, PI specialized , PI advanced.

5.Intel channel

6.Escalations trade channel

What you can’t do:
1.You can’t build Super capital
2.You can’t mine moon ore
3.You can’t RMT
4.You can’t BOT
5.You can’t Anchor bubles on gates
6.You can’t take all ESS

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