The Burgundian Bastards looking for pilots

The Burgundian Bastards is a corp based around the values of teamwork, loyalty, and courage. We operate in nullsec (don’t worry, we’ll teach you if you’re new), where every bit of content you hoped for and more exists.

It’s also a great place to learn to PVP or even PVE if you want :slight_smile: We support everyones’ choice- We give advice but ultimately the path you take is YOUR choice and YOUR choice alone, we help you pursue that choice.
For our newbro’s be ready to learn and for old vets, be ready to share what you know so everyone can see all the options and get better in the game.

We offer:

-Friendly motivated corp and alliance mates
-PvP+PvE Content in 0.0 (Pure Blind,deklein reg.)
-Learning new skills from every member
-Corp+Alliance Teamspeak
-discord channels
-No minimum SP required

api is required for safety :slight_smile:

any question or need more info , you can always join our corp channel : TheBurgundianBastards

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