The Little Bastards - Null Sec Corp PVP/PVE Need Pilots. Now LOST


(Commander John) #1


Looking for:
Exploration, Group PvP Missions/Gangs/Warfare, Trade, Mining, Research, and Manufacturing!
Alpha, Omega and Returning Player Friendly!

Hey There!
We are an active corporation in Null sec (Pure Blind) and are looking to more friends into our Ranks. We accept both Omega and Alpha Status players and are willing to help new and returning players feel comfortable within our little family and in our space.
We strongly encourage communication and making new friends… we have many levels of that from our own Team speak channels throughout Corporation/Alliance and Coalition, and we have in game mails and channels along with several discord servers to help you out on your way.
So if you are looking for:
Active PvP in Our region.
An Active Leadership
A silly but mature corporation

An Alliance motivated to grow daily, try new things and work in sync with each other.
Do you want to know more?
Contact Commander John via mail in game or join and talk with a recruiter today.

API required,

Thanks for your interest and we would look forward to saying Hi,
Commander John,
The Little Bastards, Director

123m SP looking for active PvP Null corp
65M Light Indy / Carrier + 79M Armor / Gunner Specialist / Carrier LFC
16.2mil SP HAC/HIC/Recon character + wife
Looking for a corp to hang with (Mining, PVE, PVP)
Looking for null-sec alliance
(Marleath Orteska) #2

you are ■■■■. Please dont advertise like this.

(milly frensic) #3

From what i hear they are elitist pricks who don’t understand humour and lack the IQ to grasp the subtle jokes of Ricky and Morty. Mere plebs probably only have an IQ of 120…

(Commander John) #4

Friendly Bump. Still looking for Industry/PVP guys and girls.

Returning PVP/PVE player looking for new forever home
Looking for a nullsec pve home
Looking for null-sec alliance
Strong Corp looking for alliance to give us a home. Been afk for a month due to toxic enviroment
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(Commander John) #10

We don’t drop capitals, We drop Supers.

(SarnBix) #11

I also like new friends

(SarnBix) #12

am grill

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(Marleath Orteska) #15

Recruting a lot!!! of cap pilots

(Marleath Orteska) #16

bump again!

(Marleath Orteska) #17

early bump

(Marleath Orteska) #18

bump for good pvp!!!

alliance killboard!

(Marleath Orteska) #19

Bump boys!

(Rok Verohi) #20