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The Cardinal System

Created by Kayeba Akihiko TCS(TCARD) is a new corporation recruiting pilots seeking to be a part of / create PvP content. There will always be necessities, miners, industrialists, haulers, etc. are all very welcome as well. However you must be prepared to venture the more dangerous areas of space.

The idea of TCARD is not only to establish a group of like minded individuals who have certain goals in mind, but to structure this corporation as such.

However, with the universe being at a sort of permanent state of war… Corporations operate more like armies with generals, some being much more competent than others. The leadership of TCARD understands this, and would like to incentivize it’s members appropriately.

The Cardinal System is not an inner circle of close friends inviting you to become meat for their army, it is an opportunity. The opportunity to become part of the core foundation with proper leadership and infrastructure in place.

I like to think that I operate my guilds/factions in a casual/hardcore mindset, there is nothing wrong with the hardcore players of the group forming a clique. However there is no reason not to allow casual players who wish to contribute by other means.

Opportunities in TCARD:

  • Earn money / rank up through attendance ( Fleet Attendance Points ) (FAP™)

  • Climb corporate ladder and earn dividends/shares

  • FC pilots on roams/operations

  • Enjoy the game through fulfillment, not counting ISK

  • Hardcore/Casual player types accepted (no strict policies)

  • Be part of the ground floor, the foundation

  • Contribute to creating content

Positions looking to fill:

  • Hauler (someone who can supply the staging point with massive amounts of prefit ships etc, and do so safely)

  • Any Indy/Market seeders are needed

  • Recruiter (must be patient and willing to work with newbros, willing to learn about API key protocols)

  • Miners/Explorers are accepted if willing to deal with the risks/protocols involved in Null Security

  • Fleet Commanders (will be incentivized properly)

  • Combat Pilots

Alpha Clones/New Pilots:

  • expedite the learning experience

  • new pilot incentives

  • free ships to learn in

  • help finding your niche

  • noob tolerant environment


  • Communication is in place with an established Null-sec alliance who wishes to take The Cardinal System under it’s wing, I aim to build the core team before this transition.

Also hiring someone for a part-time position that involves little work in Jita, essentially a cold calling advertiser. I have a set up in place for that just contact me if you are interested.

Timezone: EST players active 5pm - 2pm would be ideal.
Contact Kayeba Akihiko or ZeroGlass Glasshole in game. (or join “TCARD Pub”)

Thanks everyone.


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