The Celestial Cartel (.CECA) - Be Part of a Growing Nullsec Community

The Celestial Cartel (.CECA) is a PVP-focused corporation. We are a community-focused group where every person counts, and are laid-back, tight-knit, and active. Our focus is on holding sov and fighting to defend the home we create for ourselves.

We do roams, skirmishing, BLOPS, mid-scale PVP, and large-scale PVP, and specialize in mid-scale PVP. We have content in all time zones and have SRP that covers most fleets.

We are looking for PVPers, miners, PVEers, and industrialists, so long as you are willing to undock and fight. We are looking to recruit people in all TZs, and are primarily USTZ and EUTZ based. We are returning player-friendly and are always more than happy to help people learn and improve at the game.

What we have:

  • An active player base
  • PVP content of all types
  • Experienced leadership and FCs
  • Infrastructure to make ISK
  • SRP for all CTAs and Stratops
  • FC development programs

What we are looking for:

  • No drama
  • Full ESI check and interview
  • 10 Million SP and omega (Exceptions can be made)

Our discord: The Celestial Empire
Our ingame channel: .CECA Recruits
Our ZKill: The Celestial Empire | Alliance | zKillboard

  • Interested in bringing a corporation? Consider joining our alliance, The Celestial Empire.

Join the fun!

Fun coalition roam today

Killed a fort today :slight_smile:

Join the fun!

Killed another fort and put a Keepstar into hull today.

Keepstar and fort killed today :smiley:

Another fort killed!

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