The Celestial Empire (CECA) - Recruiting Corporations, Big And Small

The Celestial Empire (CECA) is a sov-holding, PVP-oriented alliance in FI.RE Coalition, with room for corporations from all backgrounds. We have experienced leadership and FCs, and are looking for corps who want to grow with us. We are looking for corps that want to participate in alliance affairs and be treated not as another number but as a core part of our team. We have opportunities for people to work their way up the ranks and are always looking for people willing to step up. We have well-developed infrastructure and logistics, with plenty of content, both PVP and otherwise.

What we have:

  • An active player base
  • PVP content at all scales
  • Experienced leadership and FCs
  • Infrastructure to make ISK
  • SRP on all CTAs and Stratops
  • FC Development Programs

What we are looking for:

  • 5 Active players
  • Being on alliance comms

Our discord: The Celestial Empire
Our ZKill: The Celestial Empire | Alliance | zKillboard

Recruiting corps!

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