The Church of Space Piracy are members of D3ad End Alliance and RMC. Living in NPC null with full access to sovnull in alliance/coalition space. We're looking for new and old players interested in chill vibes and for-fun gameplay to join our ranks!

Hello, potential recruits. I am Cattraknoff, Apostle of the Church of Space Piracy. I founded this corporation with the intention of keeping it a chill and fun place for players to come, grow, and experience everything nullsec has to offer.

We do things differently than most nullsec corps. There’s nothing mandatory aside from coming to live in nullsec as your primary home. Being part of the corp. We would like to see some participation in fleet activities in support of the alliance/coalition but no particular op is mandatory.

There are no taxes here. You can keep everything you earn and do what you feel is best with it. The Church is financed by donations from members as well as from my own assets. You are free to donate but it will never become mandatory to do so.

For new players we provide free ships to get established in nullsec. You can leave any assets you have behind in hisec as a fall-back in case you decide that life in the Church isn’t for you. We will provide ships for PVE, mining, and exploration content. The PVE and exploration content in particular are quite lucrative for newbros where we live.

You will also be given free ships to participate in alliance/coalition fleets as fast tackle locking down enemy ships preventing them from escaping with warp scramblers which is something any newbro can do to have a meaningful role in a fleet on day one.

Older players can enjoy full SRP in alliance/coalition fleet ops. You will have the opportunity to participate in fleets led by some of EVE’s most experienced fleet commanders who have been leading fleets successfully for decades.

The Church is small now with only a few members but our alliance discord is lively throughout the day. We have assets prepared in our bases to accommodate many newbros who may join our ranks now to see what nullsec is like. We plan to grow steadily until we are ourselves a force to be reckoned with in the galaxy.

Whether you are a newbro or a veteran player there is a place for you here where you can be part of building something great while never sacrificing the chill vibes or being turned into a corporate drone who is just another number contributing to taxes and fleets. We are a fun-first community which recognizes that EVE is just a game and puts real life first.

If you’re interested in signing up add cattraknoff on Discord and say hello.

We are still recruiting.

Join if you love booty. Yarrrr!

Yarrrrrr! Avast ye scurvy carebears!

Come get yer sea legs before someone makes ye walk the plank mateys!

We’re still recruiting players interested in growth and fun times!