The Classy Gentlemans Corporation in search of Classy People 2: Electric Boogaloo


We at The Classy Gentlemans Club are actively looking for more Classy people to join us in our adventures of wormhole space. We are an ancient corporation with over a decade of wormhole experience. And in those many years are number one goal has, and always will be to enjoy this game with what little time we have available. We understand that life is busy and Eve can not be our #1 priority in life. As such we are a very laid back Corp that focuses on creating enjoyable content for all walks of life within our wormhole and beyond.

Should you consider becoming Classy, our benefits package includes:

  • C2 pulsar wormhole with regular access to C3 sites and Highsec via static connections.
  • Regular access to pvp opportunities through our connected wormholes.
  • Voted best corp description by CCP Fozzy
  • Constant C3 sites for all your ISK needs.
  • Regular group ops running high class WH sites.
  • Winner of the 2012 Words With Friends sudden-death extreme no-noun competition.
  • A full suite for all your Industrial needs in our home to include: Research and Invention, Manufacturing, Gas mining, Moon Mining, and great planets for PI
  • Extensive blueprint library of T1 copies free to members for all your invention and manufacturing needs.
  • Enough industrial explosives to make Reschard V look like a firecracker (actually not joking about this one)
  • Sov holding alliance.

What we are expecting from YOU!

  • A nice smoking jacket.
  • Minimum of 4 brain cells (We have increased the minimum brain cell count from 3 due to multiple friendly fire incidents and members activating self destruct instead of overheating).
  • Little to no experience required, we are happy to teach day 2 characters or long time players who have never delved into Wormholes.
  • All pilots must be willing to terminate unknown visitors with extreme prejudice, regardless of in game focus (unless they pay the troll toll)

In summary if you consider yourself Classy and are searching for a new home, then look no further than TCGC , not only a Corporation, but a family amongst these chaotic stars that would love to have you with us.

Any questions you may have can be answered here or send us an eve mail. You can also find us in our public channel: Classy Friends

POCs are:
AdmissionRegret (Recruiting Mascot)
Jerek Kyr (Diplomancer)
Dhuras (Fearless Leader)

We hope to hear from you soon, Stay Classy and Fly Dangerously .

9.8/10 Can Confirm

Throwback to that one time we displayed exemplary competence in the face of overwhelming incompetence.

We don’t know you yet, but we already miss you. So come join :smiley:

Still looking for people to fly with, also taquitos.


More propaganda!

If you are looking for something classy, like Mr. Peanut or the opening of a new car dealership, this is the place for you.

We still need pilots to come join us in awesome Yeet Fleets of death! Apply now!!!

Can confirm very cool group of guys who only gave me minimal grief for yeeting my poorly fit tengu into an unwinnable situation with poor piloting and almost no situational awareness on my part. Come get in on the action!

UPDATE: We are now a FORMER sov holding alliance!

5.7/10 Lost our glorious capital nullsec system to a pile of fruit.

Great group of guys. I would let easily 60-70% of them into my house, which is WAY above average for the internet. Highly recommend.

8.3/10 would recommend. Successfully made juice out of a bowl of fruit this week defending an astrahaus. 10/10 would bomb my own fleet again.

Still looking for people. come make fruit juice with our fearless FC, SERGON!

(He used to FC giant Nullsec fleets, he’s actually good)

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