The Colonial Fleet. Alliance Everyone Accepted Alphas and Omegas

Hey everyone,

No one probably cares but today we are opening a new alliance that will be generating content for everyone. We are accepting anyone and everyone, no applications will be denied. Alphas and Omegas alike.

The idea is simple, log in travel 3-4 jumps and pew. The alliance will be based on the edge of placid low sec space. We currently have a war dec with Conoco which is a 1900 man alliance. If we find there are not enough targets to satisfy the numbers of people we get we will also run into 0.0 close by and other faction warfare space in the area. For those who are not alphas there is plenty of other things to do. Also if it is needed we will join a faction war empire and provide more targets. But with syndicate, pure blind, cloud ring and fountain near by we should be able to find all the targets we need for fun.

We need people who want to lead fleets, and people who want to just have fun.

Applications will be accepted a few times a day for the main corps, there are a few other corps that will be recruiting as well. Again no one will be denied, all applications will be accepted. Even corps that would like to join will be allowed to join.

Corp to Apply to is Alpha Fleet 1

Apply today get accepted within 24 hours.

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