New alliance now recruiting!

We’re a new Legacy member alliance currently living in Querious. We will soon be taking sov and will have access to an array of valuable moons, some of which are already up and running for our members to mine.
The leadership team comprises of one native English speaker, and one Native Russian speaker. We have corps with members from Russia, Sweden, Bulgaria, the UK and Australia to name a few.

To join us now would be the best time. Join us from the very beginning and cement your place with us. We’ll be setting up buy back programs for all sorts of things.
We have various positions that need filling as well.

Because we’re a Legacy member alliance we get a large amount of support from our allies, of which there are many. You don’t need to worry about us being attacked because a 500 man fleet can be dropped with just a request for help.

Send me a message in game or come check us out. We have a fully functional auth site and Discord.
You can access our discord via the services tab on the auth site


Reticuli Zeta
Leadership of Sentinel Dawn.

Not sure what your point is Glibbs. Shall I post a killboard link to your last alliance too? Is that how this works?

Bump - still recruiting

I believe his point was to show everyone who you were actually recruiting for as you never mentioned what your alliance name was :wink:

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