WTF(want to find) competent coalition

Hi nerds,

Just here chillin getting off on hitting rocks with the rest of my corp. but it turns out, from the reddit memes, that our presence isn’t appreciated anymore with racist jokes that we make. I’m just currently taking offers for my corp. We’ve got about 20 bodies and cap stuff. Standard run of the mill null sec corp just looking for a new home and taking offers.

reply here WITH AN ACTUALLY TYPED REPLY. None of this copy past bull crap that 90% of you do. I’m not looking to absorb into anyone I’m purely looking for alliances and other entities who want a competent corporation.

Cheers o7

Just go to FRT like every other SLYCE corporation, or come to the great land of wormholes.

Why move to a place that was 5% of banned bots? On that peligro graph. We’d be moving for bots to PvP for bots? That doesn’t make sense

VINDICTIVE is recruiting.

Our alliance is currently recruiting corporations to join us in our shenanigans. Dont turn away and see who we are and what we bring to the table:

We are a freshly formed alliance that consists out of mainly two larger groups of people that come from multiple alliances. Since our leadership has bonds that reach multiple years back, we decided to now merge together under a new name to fullfill the plans that either of us had: To build a strong and independent SOV-alliance that provides home and stability for all members and that delivers good content and a rich environment for members and corporations within our alliance.

As full patch of the so called Winter Coalition, we are currently sitting in Detorid with full access to all of the coalition space, moons, etc… Keepstars, Sotiyos, capital and supercap production are available and we are looking for people to want to get involved.

The focus of our more than 100 active heartbeats in alliance, that are spread out between EU and US timezone, is currently PvP although we do have a dedicated group of miners and industrialists. For people and corps that are aiming to build something that they can call ‘their home’ and to have an impact on direct alliance business, this is a great place to be. We do give the chance for everyone to have an impact and to be part of this alliance, while it is establishing their name withing the coalition and the regions around detorid.
Of course we can also come along with the regular offers in NS: There is SRP, yes. Up to Titans. Even rorquals, if fitted correctly. Alliance fleets, Coalition fleets, content around the clock. Good ISK-making possibilities because of the high valuable NS access we do have and also relatively low taxation.

Beside all the freedom and opportunities we offer, we also do have expectiations to fellow CEOs and directors:
We are aiming for healthy and growing corporations. The focus is not that important since we are improving all kinds of stuff we do. Of course we do need combat pilots, everyone does. But we also need someone who takes care of the production, someone who goes mining. A healthy alliance needs healthy members and healthy members means rich members. :wink:

Activity though is the important part. Participation is the key. On the one hand, we do have a very short chain of command: Alliance Exec -> CEOs. That’s it. This means you guys need to run your corporation. We do not want to disrespect CEOs as leadership position by starting to run their corp for them. You are the boss, you decide what happens in your corporation as long as you guys do stuff within our alliance reglementations and your actions do not have direct impact on our alliance .

If you have questions you can contact me in game or on Discord(Justin Starr STARR#8251)

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