The "Concord LP" Public Trading Channel and Mailing List

(Note: This is mostly the same post as on the previous forum.)

About Us
The primary purpose of the “Concord LP” Channel is to provide a centralized place of business for buyers and sellers of Concord LP to meet and facilitate dealings.

Since the beginning, we have operated in a mostly hands-off manner, stepping in only to stop those who become disruptive.

1. Be cool
The main rule for being a part of the channel is that we buy and sell at or near the going rate (currently determined through non-scientific analysis). Advertising other transactions is frowned upon. >:(

While sellers and buyers are strongly encouraged to trade at this rate, they under no obligation to do so (and it would be impossible to police, anyway). However, it is in the best interest of everyone if the market value stabilizes and the time and efforts of the incursion runners is not devalued.

2. Be fair
Scammers will be outted, and silly walks will be closely monitored. Spammers will be sent links to unfunny Imgur content.

3. Be smart
Contracts should always be used to avoid obvious scams. This is less of a rule than just a good precaution. Neither contracts nor moderators nor rules can save you from yourself. Use your damn head!

4. Be sensible
Whatever your arrangement is with others is up to you: You can trade space goats, Snickers bars, or ISK. If you decide you want to complicate things by selling your Concord LP as a faction LP conversion and still need tags, that’s still on you. Do your homework for best practices, research rates, and remember rule #3: BE SMART.

✘ No, a moderator will not ban someone because you decided to use a trade window and didn’t pay attention.
✘ No, a moderator will not ban someone because you miscounted the trailing zeroes of a contract.
✘ No, a moderator will not ban someone because you did some convoluted trading of tags and ended up losing ISK in a multipart arrangement that fell through because you stopped trading for equal value at some point.

The game tools (regional market, contracts, and out-of-game market cost estimators) allow you to make sensible and educated decisions. Use them. Protect your assets.

Mailing List Rules
If you are looking to buy or sell Concord LP on the mailing list, please limit yourself to one post per day (one buying post and one selling post each).

Use the proper syntax for transactions so that your request is clear. This applies to posts made in the mailing list as well. The format is as follows:
(WTB/WTS) (number of LP) at (rate per LP)

More Information
For news and discussion about Concord LP, join the mailing list: “Concord LP”

For all other inquiries, contact Endymi Typhirr or send a message to the mailing list for a quicker response via the community.



Q1: How to Sell Concord LP (or any other LP):

  1. Person A (the buyer) requests an item (for example, a particular 5-run BPC)
  2. Person B (the seller) of the LP goes to the Concord LP store and purchases the item (with their own ISK and LP)
  3. Person B then sets up a contract with Person A for the agreed-upon amount
  4. Person A accepts the contract and both parties are happy :slight_smile:

Q2: What are some examples of Concord LP exchanges?
For this, let’s assume an approximate going rate of 1,000 ISK per LP. That means the seller makes 1,000 ISK per LP sold.

  • Example 1: A 5-run BPC costs 150,000 LP and 150m isk at the Concord Store. An LP buyer will pay 300m for this, at the going rate of 1,000 ISK per LP.
  • Example 2: A 6% implant costs 250,000 LP and 250m isk at the concord store. An LP buyer would pay 500m isk for this, at the going rate of 1,000 ISK per LP.

Q3: What is the current going rate for LP or LP store items?
As with anything else, you can find this out by checking the regional markets for the items you are selling, looking up public contracts, or by browsing posts in the Concord LP mailing list.

Q4: I see posts in this thread about selling loyalty points. Can I do that too?
Yep! All bumps to the thread are encouraged, as long as you follow CCP’s rules regarding posting here–don’t just post the word “bump”, make a sales pitch for instance. This is a great opportunity for you to advertise your personal cache of loyalty points and give the channel greater visibility. Win-win!

Q5: Why did I miscount the number of zeroes in the contract?
Because you’re dumb.

Q6: Why did I accept a contract from an unexpected party who I was not in conversation with?
Because you’re dumb.

Q7: Will you ban people because I did something dumb?

Q8: Why not?
Because you’re dumb.

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WTS 520k LP @ 1.1k ISK / LP

WTS 2.6kk LP @ 1.1k ISK/LP


WTS 900k @ 1.1k ISK/LP

WTB about 1bil worth - mail me in game







Love the channel. Really useful, and almost always legit.

I am looking to BUY up to 15m concord LP @ 1100/LP.


  • Near Jita and Amarr, in hi sec
  • There are tags involved

Please mail/message me if you are interested

Looking to SELL 2.8m LP @1200. Can get to null station if needed for more cost.

I want to BUY quantity mulitples of 200k from Concord LP. Buy Rate is 1200ISK/LP.

System is in HS, only few jumps from jita.

Contact me ingame if u are interested.

WTS 462k LP @ 1.2k/ LP

WTS 4.5 mill LP @ 1100 isk/lp high sec only contact thru eve mail or in game chat

SOLD !! :grinning:

Buying lp in 200k multiples @ 1300/lp null sec. Any amount.