Welcome to The LP Empire - Concorde LP Buyback Program

The best place to start is by joining our Discord Server

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In this server you will be able to contact our team directly to sell your LP via opening a ticket, we offer variable buyback prices for Concord currently, with Faction LP coming soon.

We specialise in streamlined Null-Sec Trades.

Higher prices are generally offered for Null-Sec compared to High-Sec due to ease of service.

Regular sellers can setup jump clones in our selected buy stations to make selling super fast and easy.

We provide all required materials at station when you are selling and no hauling is required on your behalf.

Once in the server you can simply open a ticket and one of our experienced team members will start discussing with you via your ticket your order.

All prices will be confirmed, destination system will be set, once you arrive contracts will come from Kibbles ā€˜Nā€™ Tank Productions corporation with all required materials, a full shopping list with an extensive breakdown will be published into your ticket so you know exactly what you are getting paid for what etc.

The final line of the information will give you the final ask price that you put on your return contract.

All return contracts go to Kibbles ā€˜Nā€™ Tank Productions corporation only.

Minimum Sell Amount = 0.5 Million LP

We are now officially back offering our buyback sorry for the delays IRL took over.

Bumping the post we are still buying any amounts of concord LP.

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Available and buying all concord LP

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Still buying just not been on the forums :smiley:

So quick update based on yesterdays patch, we will not be changing how we buy LP, the LP transfer system still has major floors for customer security and also corp LP does not allow conversion so will not be getting implemented until CCP make the LP into a physical assett that can be placed into a trade or contract window. (if they ever do).

Thanks for your continued support.

Still buying daily! Hit us up in the discord!

Still buying!

Still buying contact us on discord.

still buying lp join discord and comment

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