The "Concord LP" Public Trading Channel and Mailing List

400k lp for sale, prefer to sell it all

WTS 3.3mill @ 1.3k

WTB 3.2mil @ 1.3k
PM or mail me in game.

WTB CONCORD LP mail me in game!

wts 5.5 mill lp 1300 isk/lp

mail or pm in game

WTS 860k Concord LP at 1300 isk/LP

send mail in game to Hadria Aldegane :slight_smile:

WTB Concord LP @ 1300 : 1

send your offers by mail to ign Jampire

WTS Concord LP at 1300 ISK/LP

Up to 1.2M LP

You can message me in game at Kalamd0ur

buying concord lp 1:1300 pm in game

WTB Concord LP @ 1350 : 1

send your offers by mail to Jampire

WTS 1m Concord LP @1300:1.

Send mail/convo.

WTS 500K Concord LP @1300;1

Mail me in game and we can sort it