The Congregation: Looking for [dank.] PVPers: EUTZ

Hello, my name is Dreader and welcome to this; a recruitment post.


We have prepared some artful recruitment videos for your viewing pleasure, these reflect some of the emotions we’re able to convey whilst partaking in internet spaceship battles, in space, in a submarine simulator.


From the raw aggression of a riled-up FC who’s two days into a six-day methamphetamine binge to a CEO who is mentoring a pilot through the loss of his space pixels, putting his arm around the disappointed pilots shoulders and providing encouragement and advice whilst slowly leading him to the basement bedroom , reaching in his pocket to pop the cap off a half used vial of poppers and closing the door shut behind them. Please click these links:


Recruitment 1

Recruitment 2


Now, you’re probably asking yourself “what it’s like to actually be a Congressman”. Well, let me tell you, probable future reject, it’s good because we have clarity of thought; we just want to make spaceships explode. Even on a good day, our comms sound like a bunch of people down the pub, a couple of beers in, music set to an annoying level. No one is safe from having the piss taken out of them and we invest a lot of time and effort into shittalking on each other. But when you’re one of us we’ve got your back. That extends into fleets; how many times have you been on comms where the FC is silently plotting, carefully and diligently playing his RTS game, moving you around “tactically” just to stand down and dock up. Boring. We just undock and ram, because we know if we believe hard enough we’ll win. So we do. There are no shrinking violets, everyone does something, everyone speaks up when it’s needed, everyone is good at something. You need to bring your something to that table if you want to fly with us.


You’re probably wondering about where we fly, if we have ratting space or SRP and a JF service because you look at Eve like a job and you want to understand your expected benefits. So, here’s the deal; we don’t give a ■■■■, we just want to shoot people. If you need someone to hold your hand and show you how the game works, go join Eve Uni. If you know what you’re doing you don’t need us to help you make isk because frankly it’s easy to obtain. No one is making isk when we undock, we all fly together.


We counter quickly, we have re-ships ready, we form fast, but we don’t blob or overship, we want a challenge and to bring the good fight. You’ll need plenty of isk to do this, some of our comps aren’t cheap, but we’re not elitist pricks so we’re not beyond flying cheap, whatever is appropriate. There are no CTAs, no pointless structure bashes. Undock, blap, dock-up, shittalk whilst looking for the next fight until we’re too drunk to care. If activity in an area dries up, we’ll just pick up our ■■■■ and go find it somewhere else.


We’re Lowsec boys in our hearts, living in Amamake right now.


We’re midish scale, so have that level of content available. If we get bigger, we’ll do bigger stuff. You can help make this happen.


You have, bare minimum:


A main that can fly ALL subcaps with proper skills (Logi/Recon V for example)
Have a fully trained cap alt (Dreads>FAX>Carrier)
Have another USEFUL alt; Tackle/Scout/Prober/links etc
You are not a passive F1 pusher
You have a personality
You have a credible combat history


Public Channel:

“Rabis pub” check corp info if I got that wrong



Dreaded Vengance

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