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the blob part is funny :joy: gotta give it to you

Bloaby blob bump

Kitchen Sinkhole were baiting with an Orca and a kitchen sink. We decided to form a dreks, since we didn’t know what might be hiding behind the wormhole + saw that Death by Design was going to reform. We catch the Barghest, had a fight against DBD. That’s all : D


B u m p!


I was not here, but since no one writes AAR - I’ll write : D
It was a very intense battle, the logi were working at the limit (the opponents had two ashimu and more DPS than in related).
But Caracals imbalanced and not countered

Bloaby blob: Related Kills | Kourmonen | 2022-08-13 21:00 | zKillboard
(We thought they would form more, and then we dropped what we form)

Bloabby blobbed: Battle Report Tool
At first we flew to kill this citadel, but after the snufs jump happened diplomacy and we decided to shoot at them together. Things could have been prettier if I hadn’t ■■■■■■ up the MJD. Either way it was fun, the snuff loki revealed their fit, strategic accomplished!


Running beacons in fw, drinking beer, being too lazy to write AARs…

Keep fighting in the auga, I won’t link a whole day of battles, just one of them (our logi worked very well, so you can’t see the entire composition of the enemy fleet in BR).

I’m just glad I could MJD it from the station on his land : D

All run out except faxes : (
Need moar bois for devoters and lachs!

Holy shiet, so elitte


Baltrom was FC
I was t1 fitted Naglfar
Fight was really fun

Also awesome fight today, but i’ll post it later to bump : D

plopped and chopped

Absolute tryhard BS fleet under fortizar.
We didn’t expect how it would end, we just wanted a fight; well, ended up great : D

WTS vouch to The Congregation, the price is 1 dread alt


small scrap vs FRT