The connection to the server was closed

I’m trying to login with my launchgroup but im constantly getting "The connection to the server was closed. "

sometimes 1-2 accounts get in, but not all.

ive tried to run the “repair” and clear chatche in the launcher menu, but the problem is still there.

Anyone got a suggestion on how i can fix this?

Had that as well on one account this morning. Plus, when I tried to log back in, the main screen told me that I could not connect to the server. I had to press Connect on the old login screen to make it work. Another account did not disconnect at all. The fault for that is obviously totally on me.

thanks for the reply, the solution u have do work for me too :slight_smile:

Same Problem.

I had a few single disconeccts while jumping through gates the last weeks. but very random. one day i have a few, than for 4 days not a single one…

but right now i cant even log in, it just says connection failed on all accounts right after starting the game. the old login screen thing wont work either… yet… i will try it again in a bit… hope its not a ddos again… or isp problem on my side on route to eve…

worked once after a veryfing files and waiting a bit once after quite a few trys… still and a few trys again my alt finnaly could log in too… \o/

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