The D.A. | Looking for Black Op's | Small Gang & Indy Pilots

Dystopian Angels

What we offer:

  • Experienced Fleet Commanders
  • Wormhole Diving for your Exploration itch
  • Black Op’s Fleets and In - Depth Training
  • PvP Training
  • B4R Certified
  • IRL before the game
  • Serious action when it’s called for, relaxed when we’re off the clock

What we’re looking for:

  • Weekly Active Players
  • New Bro’s or Veterans Welcome
  • Alpha and Omega are accepted
  • Willingness to Learn and Show Initiative
  • 0 Drama individual
  • Dark humour is a must
  • Understand that EVE training takes time, don’t inject it try to respect it

About Us:

We’re a small close - knit Corporation that’s based on a care free, but group aligned mindset, meaning we’ll have goals we all want to achieve, and help one another get them, we understand IRL can be a dick sometimes, so if things happen, let us know in advance if you can, if not, leave a DM.

What to expect when you join:

We are a Black Op’s, reconnaissance and espionage specialised Corporation undertaking specific missions and operations tailored towards infiltration of enemy territory and covert dealings.

Examples include:

  • Dropping on Capital Class Vessels
  • Aiding Fugitives
  • Amalgamating Information
  • Hunting specific targets
  • Destablization of Infrastructure and Jump Routes
  • Terrorism (i.e. glassing a system)

Our Zkill: (we’re still learning)


In game channel: The D.A.

Look out for the future, where we’ll be adding some links for specific documentation on how to hire us for Black Op’s services.

Does this mean something?

Yes, it means to sort and file specific information, for example, ships in a system, pilots that frequent specific systems, etc.

Recruitment still open

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