The Defiance. - C4 WH Corp With C3/C5 Static Looking For PVP'ers and PVP'ers

[PTIP] Pay The Iron Price

The Defiance.

We are a C4 WH PVP corp

We Offer The Following…
C4 with C3/C5 Static
Good Connections For PVP
Allaince Members (Active)
C4 Sites, C3 Sites Gas, Relic And Data Sites

What We Expect From You…

  • No bulshit
  • Be team player
  • have fun and enjoy the game
  • Be on comms when logged in
  • Must have a working Mic!
  • No Scamming Alliance Members/Blues
  • Be Able to use Core Probe Launcher I and Prototype Cloaking Device I

you’re interested in joining then join TD. Pub for more info



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