The Drunken Empire | Small Gang PvP Corp Welcoming Rusty Returners and First Time PvPers!

The Drunken Empire is laid back corp of friends currently basing out of the edge of highsec with a focus on small gang PvP in nearby Null & Lowsec space.

Fun Community
Our main goal is always to have fun in EVE, whether we’re blowing up ships on a gate in nullsec or chilling in a mining barge whilst hanging out on comms/playing other games together - a good sense of humour is also required to thrive within our community!

First Time PvPers & Rusty Returners Welcome
As a corp we promote a helpful & friendly atmosphere, whether you’re looking to try PvP for the first time or a rusty returner looking for a fresh start, we’ll ensure you have the support you need to get started on your journey with PvP.

Convenient Logistics
We base our operations from a highsec system in Lonetrek to simplify the logistics of moving fresh ships from Jita (with plenty of help offered from our own freighter pilots).

Support for Industrialists
We have a number of Upwell structures setup to help support those who run industry. Our members are provided access to private research and manufacturing facilities, with refineries setup to facilitate moon mining and ore reprocessing.

Why Join Us?

  • Regular PvP roams (Small gang warfare)
  • Highsec forward operating base (Close access to Nullsec & lowsec)
  • Industry facilities (Research & Manufacturing Support)
  • Moon Mining (Boosts Provided)
  • Local mission running hub (Lv 1-4 Agents)
  • No drama, adult-oriented environment. (The thin skinned might not flourish here)

What We Want:

  • EU Timezone Players
  • Prepared to train into and fly corp PvP doctrine ships
  • Not easily offended by controversial chatter
  • Readiness to defend corporate assets at times of war
  • Able to listen on TeamSpeak 3 and Discord as part of corp operations

Drop by our in-game channel “HOPPS Recruitment” & talk to one of our Recruiters to get started.

Still looking for new members!

Recruitment Still Open - Looking for new bros!

Recruitment Still Open - Looking for new members

Come Join us Guys

Still looking for members - drop on by to our recruitment channel for a chat!

We’re still looking for new members - come join us for some casual small gang pvp!

Recruitment still open.

Fancy some casual small gang PvP? Come join us :slight_smile:

Still looking for new blood for casual PvP fun!

Recruitment is still open - join our chat in game to apply!

We’re still open for new members - fancy some casual PvP whilst talking ■■■■ on comms?

Still looking for new people to join or community!

Recruitment is still open, come pewpew with us today!

We’re still open for recruitment!
Join our in-game channel “HOPPS Recruitment” today!

Still looking for new members!

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