The Envoys looking to add to our ranks!

The Envoys are a PvP focused corp located in null sec

We mostly do small Gang fleets but we would love to grow into medium size Fleets. We also dibble into the Abys from time to time. Our little family is formed of Veterans and newer players alike and we can teach you everything you Can or Want to know in and around New Eden. We are mainly USTZ but have a few friends from EUTZ.

What we do :

  • Small gang almost every night for fun content and small skirmishes

  • We mainly trig ships, but fly a variety of other ships

  • Expanding our corp to take over neighboring systems

What we’re looking for:

  • Being able to fly our ships like lokis, leshaks, dreks, or small gang ships would be most helpful

  • Being active most nights

  • Alts with the ability to fly logi, dreads or caps would be excellent

  • A desire to improve your eve experience

We are very open to new players and teaching the right dedicated person as long as you are willing to commit. We are just expecting to grow and be able to push forward into other systems and take control of our constellation!

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