The EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook

No, it was done to remove ISK from the economy. You’re not going to stop the people who have tons of money AND massive piles of PLEX from setting the price unless you absolutely break supply and demand and set an artificial price-point from NPCs. Which CCP won’t do, because the whole point of PLEX is that players buy them from CCP, and then sell them to other players for ISK, and those other players use them for game time, SKINs, etc.

When you look at all those different sell orders? Dozens of them, hundreds of them, each with a few thousand PLEX, all trying to 0.01 ISK one another? That’s a very small group of people, 0.01 ISKing their own orders. As an example, all the PLEX orders (buy and sell) that went up each time the ‘I CHOOSE YOU’ guy put down another market citadel? Those were all him. Same guy that owned the market they were being traded on. Eat the fees to keep the prices profitable.

They hold the volume, they create the demand w/buy orders. Sell below their price, they snap up your PLEX and relist them. If you’re not willing to completely destroy EVE’s economy, you won’t change that. And by ‘destroy’, I don’t mean ‘bleed assets out of it’ or ‘use scarcity’. I mean ‘buy everything from NPC vendors, sell everything to NPC vendors’.

And even then, player-to-player transactions will still follow simple supply-and-demand rules. That’s how economic activity works.

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I do not understand what you want to say

Please use something like this one

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So, new patch, and yet no news on any specific change coming soon about this…


I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I’m always excited about new things, but on the other hand I’m happy because nothing is getting worse.

At the latest in one week we should get at least new MER news.

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After reading ccp announcement about the Ecosystem i have to point some things.

  1. The ore scarcity : ccp ruined the miners and industrial people of 00 and moved a lot of bots and players to high sec.Prices of ships went up.So since we all know the rule, if u cant replace what u are flying don t fly it we can imagine the decrease on pvp activity the only thing that keeps the numbers up is the war.
    2)ESS : big nerf on the income with the modifiers going down u ,how many sites u need to run every day to keep the adms at lvl 5 and how good is to rat with the bounties multiplier at lets say 60%.And how much time you need to spend to rat to buy your ship and have a fight witch can result in the loss of your ship in a matter of seconds.People rat to get isk to pvp, if the want to pvp or they can have a lot of isk that just stay at their wallet and does not interact with the game there are some people like that .How much money does an average nul sec person have?How many hours does a nul sec player can rat per day?Few biliond and like 2 hours tops since it is rly boring .But if u want to skip the pain u use a bot or rmt.Fot pvp content u pop throw a wh or use a filament u got perfect intel about the ess in the region u poped up ,what is the next level ? filaments that spwam u on top of a rating ship ,elite pvp there cause a rating ship.How great is to stay 3 hours in the ess to defend it .
  2. cloacky camping : it has come to entire regions been camped.If u have minimum brains u can just drop when u have assembled your 50 bomber friends and see a nice target ,there is no counter to sub capitals and whatever u bait in u will just melt ,ofc there is z killboard that the hunter can use and the rest of his alts to scout for counter drops etc,how many years the player base was talking about the cloacky camping and now ccp has decided to act ,just lol.

So ccp was the motd now make the economy healthy .activity in nul sec went down ,people are leaving the game .streamers stream other games now .CCP should just put in the option of buying ships and equipment with real money and skip the buy plex thing and then selling it to have isk to play the game cause we are getting there and we can all skip the pain .The bots are running the came now and ccp has lost that war .CCP says there are to many titans in the game they should put in the titan ship info this ships cant be flown by every player only by few so people that start the game can know that.If you don t have support titan cant do anything alone.The constant nerf to fighters lol there is some serious hate there just remove carriers from the game and be done with it, doesn’t live to their isk worth since u can kill a carrier pretty easy with 3-4 sub caps .Trig ships and their massive dps are op now they just dominate any other faction ship in 1vs1.(some people actually enjoy tp pvp in 1 vs 1).


You’re right, and apart from that, bots will also be able to sit in Titan and fight in war.

2 chars biomassed 1 with 150 mills another with 70mills… stuff also with them gone. small corps and players cant get anything anymore ingame. to much work required for minimal gains. but nuff other games out there.


Skill farms aren’t even profitable ATM and basically only give OMEGA.

Other thing… Why alll these cloaky camping intense posts ? is that that much deal breaker for EvE eco system ?

also isnt cloaky camping something sound like BOOORING AS ■■■■ ? People are mazochist ??? someone explain why people pay ■■■■ loads of isk and priding themselves to play this game in HUUUUGE TIDI … that even servers cant handle?

while rest of the new eden lack of attention and love of CCP ? CCP has nothing else than WWBEE to be be proud of in rest of NEW EDEN ? im tired of seeing all these 7/24 on CCP media … what they gain exactly?

These are some of the questions in my head … if you know the answer please answer … Noone has answers for every question naturally

It would be boring if you were actively playing. That´s why the campers do it AFK. They are really playing other games or at work, or at bed, and only take a brief look each few hours to see if there´s something to catch.

And that´s why it is a problem. CCP doesn´t want AFK gameplay, and while it is easy to kill an AFK hauler, an AFK miner or an AFK ratter, it is impossible to hunt an AFK cloakcamper, so it is going to be fixed.


How are small alliances/groups to survive in Nsec??? You up the fuel needs for all structures then take away the ice needed to fuel them!! We’ve had 1 single ice spawn in our ice system since the nerf !!! We can’t just go somewhere else ( someone else’s sov) to mine ice! We have no minerals to even build small ships. Only A,B anoms with 2 or 3 roids. It’s laughable!! Small groups don’t have the logistics to ship all their needed materials from Hsec. Your killing the little guys!! Funny, in the past CCP said it was trying to make it easier for small groups to have sov and be more self-reliant … Such BS!!

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agreed. all i need to say.

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Tilt it toward the gankers. Watch them jump with joy.
Nothing beats low-hanging fruit for a little boy.

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Mining in belts has never been a thing in null, don´t pretend otherwise. Install ore upgrades in your systems, mine that small anomalies to grow the index and get enourmous and colossal asteroid belts; there you´ll mine an abundance of bistot, arkonor and mercoxit to trade for the rest of the ores and the ice in the hisec hubs.

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Even with the anoms you would still need a huge logistics net to ship all that back and forth from Hsec. So small groups are a a total disadvantage to the coalitions. That’s the point!

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Would you care to explain why your logistics isn’t in the same proportion to your size as for the large groups?

Probably because if one guy needs a jump freighter to move stuff or hundred guys need a jump freighter to move stuff, you need a jump freighter and cynos in both scenarios. Except one group is just 1 man instead of 100. You can’t suddenly jump 1/100th of a jump freigher, just because your group is smaller.

Sure, you can fly a smaller hauling ship like a BR or DST, but I think you get the picture: there is efficiency in scaling up.