THE F0RSAKEN LEGION - Nullsec Alliance - Looking for fun active players/corps! [USTZ]

TFL is a newly founded alliance looking to have a good time playing eve. TFL is looking for corporations and players new or old to eve. We also don’t have many requirements in order to join so should be pretty easy to join if your interested. We don’t have many members right now but we plan to grow!

What our alliance offers
• We live in the ProviBloc area - I know… but we wanted somewhere to settle down for a bit. We will
be moving later on when we achieve a little more pilots and are self sustainable.
• Mining Fleets
• Small PVP fleets
• Production facilities
• Friendly players willing to help anyone

Player Requirements
• Must have discord communication (Voice)
• Can follow rules & orders as given
• Background Check
• Willing to participate in alliance/corp activities
• Must be active (No set limit, just be active when you can)

Corporation Requirements
• Have a minimum of 5 active pilots
• Participate in CTA’s when called upon
• Participate in alliance activities (Fleets, Mining Ops, etc.)
• Every corp member must have Discord (Voice)

If you are interested in joining as a member please send a mail to Mr Derpingderp (Nova Galactic Industries) in-game for more info on joining.

If you are a corporation interested in joining please join our in-game channel TFL Diplo or message Kaizenstriker striker or DayzRunner Arran

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