The Federation Dares to be Great Again

(Hevaima Gesakaarin) #41

I’d say the story between the State and Federation only has to do with identity a process that has repeated itself through history:

Colonists leave a mother country, usually due to overpopulation and related economic issues. For the first to third generation, the colony usually maintains its identity of being loyal to the mother country. After about the fourth, the question starts being asked why taxes have to be paid to a distant land they never even knew.

The Caldari State really isn’t unique in that dynamic.

What makes the decisions of Duvailer even more questionable is that the Gallente went through the airship wars as result of home countries fighting established colonies among other things. There was plenty of precedent to know the likely outcomes of using force against seceding colonies.

(Arrendis) #42

Apparently, no more difference than there is between groups on the same planet.

After all, the differences in aptitude, etc, between a Sebiestor and a Brutor—both members of groups who were on Pator, the same planet, is roughly the same as between a Gallente and a Civire (different planets, same system) or an Achuran and a Jin-Mei, or any of those and a ‘True Amarr’.

Obviously, populations and lineages have genetic markers and hereditary influences, but to claim this rises to the level of ‘race’… that’s just ridiculous.

Federal. The multi-cultural amalgam that borrows from all of the component cultures that have mixed together in it, and so truly belongs to none of them. And yes, it definitely exists. I’ve encountered it myself just in the scope of baselining visits to the Federation when longer hair and a coat were enough to keep my jacks hidden. It’s an unwritten expectation that you’ll be open and eager to embrace other cultures, to take on some of their ways, to celebrate their holidays and join in their gatherings. Start saying ‘no’, as politely as you can. Start insisting that the things you don’t speak of to outsiders… you won’t speak of to outsiders.

See how fast the air chills. See how quickly the muttering starts.

(Bataav) #43

You should spend some time in Solitude. But the problem not exclusive to that single region.

You said earlier,

I couldn’t agree more.

And with regards to the blurred lines between what defines culture, ethnicity and race - This is a topic that’s of great interest to me, especially in the context of identity politics within the Federation, so it’s unfortunate that I’ll be unavailable to contribute more over the next day or so.

I’ll definately have something to contribute when I return.

(Valerie Valate) #44

Actually, Jason, I have information about something that would say that you are wrong on this point.

Wronger than pockets on a transparent plastiglass corset-dress.

(Charles Cambridge Schmidt) #45

Please don’t talk about these sorts of things if you don’t know that pockets on a transparent plastiglass corset-dress are a fashion statement and, currently, ‘in’ in some of the more prominent Vylade fashion clades.

(Valerie Valate) #46

If you put stuff in the pockets of your transparent plastiglass corset-dress, then EVERYONE CAN SEE WHATS IN YOUR POCKETS

(Arrendis) #47

Charles, it’s Val.

If she says it’s wrong, then that’s that. It’s right.

(Jason Galente) #48

Are we talking about transparent clothing now?

Tressith, need further reasons why I left the Federation?

You might think it sounds nice, but the people who actually wear stuff like that are never the people who should

(Saccade Amir) #49

ay I heard somebody talken ■■■■ outi a face n maken on rude remarx n acusimeieunts on a fed n I ran a whole way so I can tell you for SURE

I mean cena percent certaine

all true

EDIT: xep that thing jason just made bote the shirx cos im jus buy one ate on it

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #50

You, I adore.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #51

This is how racism starts.

I’m so amused that, in the case of a transparent dress, you are concerned about people seeing through the pockets.

(Valerie Valate) #52

Well, think about it. what would you keep in your pockets ? loose coins, a hankie, a pen for writing on things, a mini-makeup kit, and so on. Do you want everyone to see your stuff ?

I mean, it’s a given, that your body is on display, if you’ve chosen to wear a transparent plastiglass corset-dress.

And that’s why pockets on transparent clothing are WRONG

(Melisma Ramijozana) #53

…this is actually a very good point. Was not expecting that.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #54

Since when did any garments for women made in the Federation have functional pockets anyway? Pockets on transparent clothing is just fine, you can’t actually put anything in there anyway.

(Saccade Amir) #55

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leave on this a expert yna we gox we gox u just sit bax n loox on n have a dream ya wues out on when ya find dress plastiq on a galnet auxioune site

(Melisma Ramijozana) #56

Not even gonna lie, I’m seriously considering trying this.

(Saccade Amir) #57

ye cma u maxe

erbode wanna most don canna–but u can

(Teinyhr) #58

Generally, yes? Why do you think capsuleers put their erections up everywhere.

(Skyweir Kinnison) #59

The transparent plastiglass corset-dress is not just for women, you know.

Moreover, the item one places in the pocket of a transparent plastiglass corset-dress is a statement. It’s the careful choice of just the right accessory that makes one recognisable as the cognoscenti - or commits a catastrophic faux-pas.

(Saccade Amir) #60

^ summa gexna wa malayen on a table

u puten a grody walete grody hankye where people can see?