The FIGL Regulars is recruiting for SOV Null PVP and Industry!


The FIGL Regulars is the USTZ corporation for the Flying Dangerous alliance, members of the mighty FI.RE coalition! We currently control space in Tenerifis and Immensea.

If you’re a Newbro or returning vet, what you’ll find is a relaxed community where you can take part in all the benefits of owning SOV in Nullsec. All we ask is that you have a working mic and a willingness to be on comms.

We offer a social discord and Mumble. Our coalition calls fleets on a regular basis, offering a variety of fleet doctrines. We also have a weekly fleet that we run at the alliance level.

Our alliance is well-established, having existed in some form for the last 15 years. We have great ratting space and frequent moon pops, 4 of which are R64. We also have facilities for all your industry needs.

We offer a buyback program on all reprocessed moon goo, PI, Gas, Ice and exploration loot! Ask us about our Griffins!

Join us on discord here or our in-game chat “Relaxed Recruitment”

Flying Dangerous is recruiting corporations as well!

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