The Flagon- laid back corp/o.o nullsec /pvp/pve/indy players wanted

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Yo @Darius_Dagonn
I’m interested, it’s my third day in game, but my current Corp really haven’t talked a whole lot

I’m very interested! I’ve been an EVE lurker for years and finally over the past months have been logging in to train skills. I’ve been playing now and would love to have some people to play with.


I’ll contact you in game tomorrow.

Long story short; ive had a 18 month break and just want to get back to playing the game with some common goals. Done most things in game, null, low sec pirate, high sec wars, WH, Blar Blar Blar. Can fly almost all ship types, alt can fly Blops and Capitals.

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O/ returning player looking to get rid of the care bear mind set i have going right now. Have not played seriously in about 8 years. Main has about 30mil sp, mostly combat. An alt with the ability to fly an orca (can’t afford atm) with good FLEET bonuses. Looking to start learning 0.0 space without the drama. Looking forward to hearing from you!

drop in on our discord for a chat

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