The Friend Ship - Come along, enjoy the ride!

Greeting fellow travelers!

Are you just starting out in New Eden, and feeling a little overwhelmed, or perhaps you’ve been around a little while and feel like putting your knowledge to work?

Then consider joining The Friend Ship [FSH1P]. We are an Empire space (High Sec/Low Sec) corporation. We are located on the border of Low Sec space in the Minmatar region, and operate out of two neighboring mission/trade hubs with good access to both low sec and high sec activities.

We are looking for pilots who want to share the experience of building something from the start. Our corporation’s goal is to shape the foundation for a small alliance, comprised of FSH1P, and another corp we have set aside. As of now there are no plans to grow beyond that, but who knows what the future holds?

FSH1P is mainly focused on industry and PvE. We are currently in need of miners and mission runners, but are taking everything in between. We also will be doing exploration, production, R&D, and more. . .

New players:
We take ask that you have at least 20,000 sp (exceptions can be made), and Alphas are encouraged to join. Collectively, we have enough knowledge and experience to help teach you the ins-and-outs of what this game has to offer.

Salty Vets:
We need your wisdom and capabilities! This is a great opportunity for you to put all you’ve learned to the test. We are looking for founders to help shape and grow our community.

We have begun building an inventory of ships and equipment, and can supply new members with a starter ship if they need it. We are in place to start mass production, but are in need of miners, and other industrialists.

Currently there are a lot of isk making opportunities on the table, and we just need to start filling our ranks, and having the conversation. . .

“What can we build together?”

In Game Chat: FSH1P_PUBLIC

Discord Server: Zero Hour

Zero Hour is still accepting applications. . .

Join us in Discord @

We have some community events and in game ops planned . . .

come check us out!

Discord Link

Doing some wormhole exploration tomorrow. . .

Discord Link

You still looking for miners.

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Wow, sorry for the late reply!

We are still looking for miners. If you’re still looking for a home, then jump into out public chat and say hello @ ZH_PUBLIC.


Shi Xia
Zero Hour Alliance

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