The Fyrd - a null corp

One man corp looking to go large. Located in faction owned null [Great Wildlands], member of large null alliance which is a major part of the Providence block of alliances. Contact Waegen Hoerford (AUTZ) or look up The Fyrd [FYRD.] in game.

Our aim to perfect the art of combat in New Eden, by flying, killing and dying together and learning from detailed objective analysis of our combat activities, doctrines, ships and fits.

We are Not-Red-Don’t-Shoot, but there are plenty of reds (enemy players) to shoot, and the alliance is constantly war decced, so there’s plenty of combat fun to be had. Being in null sec; mining, exploration and pve are more valuable than in low and high secs.

No taxes or other financial imposts on our members, but members fund their own activities and losses (no corp ship replacement program, however, may be available with certain alliance fleets). Free doctrine fitted T1 Cruisers down available for young players (toons less than 12 months old) and alpha clones (regardless of age).

Members may voluntarily work for the corp and receive suitable remuneration for their efforts. Nobody will be kicked for non-participation in work or combat; you’re only ‘encouraged’ to contribute to the team effort. If you want to be a loner in a null corp, that’s fine by us, but you’ll be missing out on the best fun.

Finally, we don’t mind red killboards, it means our members are fighting and hopefully it will turn green when they git good.

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