The Graduates - PVP

Recruitment is still open.

Come join a dynamic group of pilots.
We love PVP.
We have roams and fleets in all time zones.
Show us your PVP history and join a fun-lovin’ corp.
Aussies very welcome.

We require 15 m skill pts and 6 months in game and a history of pvp.
If you are an active pilot and want fleets and killmails. look no further.
Looking forward to chatting with you.

This was a great week and why so many of us look to join a 0.0 Corporation. TGRADs consistently provides exciting opportunities of all types and makes Eve worth playing.

The Graduates leading the way:

Want to fly with one of the top corporations in the game?

The Graduates, when you are ready…

Recruitment reopens June 13.

Still taking applications, come join us.

Time for a good change?
Come and talk to us.

Are you a PVP pilot ?
Perhaps you also miner or build.
Maybe you enjoy PI.
Exploration is fun an rewarding.
We have it all, PVP first.
Come visit us in the pub for more info.

We are glad to announce that recruitment is now open again !!!

Join the winning side.

Nullius in verba

In other words, come check us out :wink:


Recruitment is now Open again, after our deployment :slight_smile:

Happy Holiday.
Give yourself a gift and join an outstanding group.
Lots of fun, lots of pvp, lots of opportunities for pve, too.

Happy New Year !!
Start the year with a new pvp corp. You won’t regret it.
15m skill points, 6 months in game and a pvp history.


Recruitment open by voucher only.
This is temporary.

Recruitment is open