The Graduates - PVP

Is recruitment still open??

Yes, it is.

Yeah, its like that.

When you are ready…

Recruitment is Open again.
Come visit us.

Moon mining ops
Corp buy Program

Come survive the Blackout !!!

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Lets do this. lets thrive again !!!

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Come see why we have survived for over 10 years!!!

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Friendly bump for a great bunch of guys , one of the best bunch of nullsec dwellers in the game

Come visit our pub if you have any questions.
Don’t be bored, get into action.

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TGRADs deploy

Join us. -TGRAD Pub-

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wonderful pic.
Recruitment is closed temporarily

Recruitment is now Open.

Hey Tess and Gang!

2 Month old Newbro who enjoys many aspects of this game here I’m extremely interested in going for it to get maximum exposure in a healthy cultured corp. I’m currently in a great mining corp and mining is OK… but I want to do it all!

Can I talk to one of your recruiters? My chat is currently broken like many players so I cant join your in game channel. I want to see what I can do to meet your requirements or maybe go through Eve Uni first they seem great too.

Even if I can’t get in now… I want to know how to prepare myself so I can someday, if possible.


Immy (Kip)

EDIT: I found your application site and have applied. Cheers

If you’ve read this far, then you’re in the right place.
Need a change?
Need a active group to fly with?
Need unlimited pve/building/exploring?
Need good PVP fleets?
Come visit us.

Recruitment is open
Come join the fun.

Any specific requirements about alt?

You can join your alt if you wish.

The web page nor the recruitment page is working. I’ll try again later.

Recruitment still open.