The High Table

The High Table

A Solitary Path and the Quest for Alliance in the Stars

From the Desk of Tuwailib Saiful Haqq, “The Elder”:

In the boundless expanse of New Eden, many find themselves traversing the celestial void alone, their ships a solitary speck against the vastness of space. To these lone voyagers, I pose a question of balance and survival: “How does one, unaided and solitary, navigate the treacherous waters of high-risk territories, where the rewards are as great as the dangers that lurk in the shadows of every asteroid and star?”

The path of solitude in New Eden is one of profound introspection and resilience. Yet, it is often marred by the echoes of isolation, where the grandeur of fleet battles and the riches of high-level encounters remain just beyond reach. This plight, faced by many who journey alone, is a testament to the need for unity and brotherhood in a universe where strength often lies in numbers.

For those in search of a haven, a collective where ambitions align and camaraderie flourishes, I extend an invitation to consider a pivotal decision. Reflect upon this inquiry: “What are the pillars upon which one should build their choice of a corporation, and how does one find a sanctuary among the stars that resonates with their spirit and aspirations?”

In the cosmos of New Eden, the multitude of corporations is as diverse as the stars themselves. The quest to find one’s place within this celestial tapestry can be as daunting as navigating a nebula. Yet, it is in this journey of discovery that one’s true path emerges.

As The Elder of The High Table, I will serve, and I will be of service to The Table and I welcome you to a realm where honor, strategy, and unity form the core of our existence. Here, we transcend the ordinary, forging a legacy that echoes through the annals of New Eden.

The Unveiling of The Elder

A Harsh Beginning

Born to the unforgiving landscape of the Minmatar Republic, my earliest memories are of struggle and survival. Orphaned at a young age, I learned quickly that the universe was a place of harsh realities. My days were spent scavenging and surviving in the underbelly of Minmatar space stations, where the only law was the law of necessity.

Encounter with the Jove

My fate took an unexpected turn the day I stumbled upon a secretive Jove vessel. Driven by curiosity and the recklessness of youth, I found myself too close and was captured. The Jove, enigmatic and advanced, saw potential in my tenacity and forced me into servitude. It was in their cold, technologically superior world that I first heard whispers of something greater.

Secrets of Old Earth

In the depths of Jove archives, I uncovered ancient information about a powerful organization from Old Earth, known only as “The Table.” This organization, shrouded in mystery, was built on principles of honor, strategy, and unity. The more I learned, the more I became fascinated. “The Table” was not just an organization; it was a symbol of power and sophistication, a legacy that had transcended time and space.

The Path to Becoming a Capsuleer

My time with the Jove was a period of learning and growth. I absorbed their knowledge and technology, biding my time. When the opportunity arose, I used their own advanced systems to escape. My newfound skills and knowledge led me to the path of becoming a capsuleer, a being of immense power and freedom. It was my chance to carve out my destiny, to be bound by no one.

The Birth of The Table

As a capsuleer, I saw the chaos and fragmentation of New Eden. I remembered the unity and strength of “The Table” and knew what I had to do. I decided to start “The Table” in New Eden, to create an organization that would embody the principles I had admired in the ancient records. It would be a place for those who sought more than just personal gain – a place for those who valued honor, strategy, and unity.

The Elder’s Vision

Now, as The Elder, I lead “The Table” with the wisdom and knowledge I gained from my unique journey. From the harsh beginnings in Minmatar space to the enlightening captivity with the Jove, every step has shaped me into who I am. “The Table” is not just my creation; it is my legacy. It is a beacon in the darkness of space, a symbol of what can be achieved when individuals unite under a common banner of shared values and goals.

In this new era, “The Table” stands as a testament to the power of unity and strategy, a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving saga of New Eden.

The Legacy of The High Table: A Chronicle of Honor and Power

In the annals of history, few institutions have commanded the respect and awe inspired by The High Table. This venerable council, a tapestry woven from the threads of power and discretion, has long stood as the epitome of authority on Earth and now we will spread that legacy across the galaxies. It is from this lineage of honor and dominion that our corporation, “The High Table,” draws its inspiration and ethos.

The High Table is not merely a group of individuals; it is a symbol of the balance of power in a world shrouded in secrecy. Comprising the most influential figures in the underworld, the council commands respect and fear in equal measure. Its word is law, its decree absolute, and its reach, boundless. The members of The High Table are custodians of a code – a code that governs the conduct of the elite, ensuring order in a realm where chaos perennially lurks.

In our embodiment of The High Table within the cosmos of New Eden, we strive to mirror these principles. Our corporation is more than a collective of pilots and warriors; it is a sanctuary for those who value the art of strategy, the elegance of diplomacy, and the unwavering strength of unity. We are a brotherhood, bound by a shared creed of excellence and discretion.

As The Elder, I stand as the guardian of our traditions and the arbiter of our destiny, nobody is above “The Table”. My role is to guide and to lead, ensuring that the legacy of The High Table is honored and upheld in every star system, from the bustling trade hubs to the remote outposts of null-sec space.

To our potential members, I extend an invitation to join a narrative steeped in intrigue and power. Here, you will find more than just a corporation; you will discover a way of life where your actions carry weight, and your loyalty is rewarded with respect and brotherhood.

In “The High Table”, your journey in New Eden will be one of purpose and prestige. Together, we will navigate the complex tapestry of interstellar politics and warfare, leaving a mark that will endure for eons.

Mission of The High Table: Reforming New Eden’s Economy and Bounty System

From the Desk of Tuwailib Saiful Haqq, “The Elder”:

In the vast and intricate universe of EVE Online, The High Table emerges not only as a beacon of strategic prowess and unity but also as a vanguard in addressing the critical challenges of New Eden’s economy and the broken bounty system. Our mission, underpinned by a commitment to excellence, is to reshape and stabilize the economic and bounty landscapes of New Eden, guided by these principles:

Economic Reform and Stability: To actively engage in reforming New Eden’s economy, addressing the inefficiencies and imbalances in the current system. Our goal is to establish The High Table as a stabilizing force, ensuring a fair and thriving economic environment for all capsuleers.

Revitalization of the Bounty System: To innovate and implement solutions for the broken bounty system, creating a more effective and just mechanism for bounties that aligns with the realities of interstellar justice and commerce.

Strategic Dominance: To assert our position as a formidable force in EVE Online through strategic planning, superior combat tactics, and effective resource management. We aim to excel in all facets of interstellar operations, from PvP encounters to economic endeavors, with a special focus on correcting economic disparities.

Unity and Brotherhood: To foster a tight-knit community of dedicated capsuleers who share a common vision and purpose, especially in the pursuit of economic fairness and bounty system reform. The High Table is a family bound by mutual respect, loyalty, and the pursuit of collective goals.

Honor and Integrity in Economic Dealings: To uphold a code of honor that reflects the ethos of the Continental, especially in our economic dealings and bounty operations. Our actions and decisions are governed by integrity, professionalism, and a deep sense of responsibility towards our members and the broader EVE community.

Innovation and Adaptation in Economic Strategies: To remain at the forefront of New Edens 's evolving landscape through continuous learning, adaptation, and innovation, particularly in economic strategies and bounty system reforms.

Empowerment and Growth with Economic Focus: To empower our members through opportunities for personal and professional growth, with an emphasis on developing economic acumen and understanding of the bounty system.

Positive Impact on New Eden’s Economy: To contribute positively to the EVE Online community, promoting fair play, camaraderie, and a healthy gaming environment, with a focus on improving the economic and bounty systems for the betterment of all.

Legacy Building in Economic Reform: To build a legacy that transcends the ordinary, creating a story in New Eden that will be remembered and revered for generations to come, particularly in our role as economic reformers and innovators in the bounty system.

As members of The High Table, we pledge to pursue these objectives with unwavering dedication and to uphold the values that define us. Together, we will navigate the stars, write our history, and secure our place among the legends of New Eden, not just as warriors and diplomats, but as architects of a fairer and more prosperous future for all.

Will you serve, will you be of service?

Fly safe and stay dangerous…o7
Tuwailib Saiful Haqq, The Elder
The High Table

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