The Hollow Men (LS & WH PvP)

The Hollow Men are a band of PvPers operating from high-sec. We do a mix of known space wormhole diving and low-sec PvP using clones, blops and Thera to maximise our available options. While we have a core of experienced players in corp, we also regularly fly with a wider group of trusted friends with affiliations throughout New Eden.

We are mostly active UK weekday evenings and at the weekend but we also have participants who play throughout UK and US prime time. We ask that members concentrate on PvP when most are active, but you are free to do whatever you wish at other times. TS for comms (while active and available) and Discord for pings are both mandatory, but there is no activity requirement so long as you keep us informed of your availability.

No taxes… fifty percent of any PvP loot is given to whoever generates an opportunity, with the rest being shared equally among contributing fleet members. So naturally if you kill something on your own it’s all yours. I’m not saying it’s always possible to make a living from PvP, but put it this way… I haven’t bought PLEX or done any other isk making activities in Eve since 2009.

A Hollow Man should be mature and respectful toward other fleet/corp members (we don’t do dramas, it’s a game) with experience of PvP and a focus on creating his own content, rather than relying on the work of others. He should be solvent, disinterested in hierarchies and supportive of less experienced players. These are the qualities that we respect here.

For more information contact Sweet Trader in game. Mail please, as I ignore unsolicited convos.

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