The Initiative. Rental Program (Initiative Associates)

INIT has rented in the past with other topics reflecting this. With the rental program re-INITiated back in October of 2017, this topic will serve as the up-to-date INIT rental program topic.

Offering a diverse selection of systems (broken up into profession sites to lower price and satisfy demand), Initiative Associates may be the right place for you! Whether your corporation is looking to mine anomalies, moon mine, rat, or even huff gas, many affordable options are open to you!

Services we offer: T2 refining, Cap building, freighting services to hubs near your new home.

Corporations eligible for the INIT. rental program will be invited to join Initiative Associates upon successful payment for a system or service.

Our official channel in-game is “i. Rent”, please join if you have specific questions you would like to ask current renters or if you would like to see an up-to-date list of rental managers.

I will do my best to post if future auctions for high demand systems occur in this topic. If you would like to be notified of future auctions personally, please DM me on discord at Ashzariel#0192 or mail a rental manager in-game.

Link to list of available systems with prices:

Link to rental policy:

List of rental managers:
Rental Agents:
Remi Nardieu (ENG US/(EU) TZ)
Charles Jouslain (ENG EU/(US) TZ)
Ashzariel Captor (ENG/SP EU TZ)

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Current map of available systems:

Map of available Systems in Querious

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b u m p

You are looking for safe space to rent?
We have some interesting systems to offer:
For example C-C99Z, Ice, deadend, ~-3 security status and you pay only for your profession (ratting/ore mining/ice mining).

Questions? Join I.Rent ingame and contact a rental manager (or send me an ingame mail/dm via discord: Brontes#6725)

Take your rorquals and supercarriers out and start crabbing.
Various systems and moons waiting for you. Check our available system/moons sheet.

Available System List + Prices
Available Moon List + Prices

Feel free to join the I. Rent chat channel ingame or contact me: Bjoern Harekay (InGame) or Brontes#6725 (Discord)


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