Looking for somewhere to rent 4 systems of good truesec in Detorid looking for corps to join our team

(dazzler78 Audeles) #1

Renter Benefits:

Good truesec for ratting and mining
Ice and ore, ratting, exploring, planetary interaction
Moon mining, free of charge
Clone bay, reprocessing, manufacturing, researching, places to dock caps
Renters have low tax rates of 1% on refining, POCO, and production
Alliance discord
Sov upgrades to area provided by alliance
Active intel channel
Weekly Jump Freighter service
Renters have access to PVP No requirement to participate

4 systems of good truesec in Detorid that will be shared by all members of this rental model.

For Corporations Joining: please contact me in game Dazzler78 for any info

(system) #2

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