The Irukandji - WH - Small gang PVP Late EU-US TZ

The Irukandji – WH C5-5 Corp.

We are a wormhole corporation, operating out of C5 space. Our focus is on having fun with PVP. We are a newer C5 corporation, however the leadership is anything but new. While we are certainly a smaller entity than most, we are looking to grow a community orientated around fun. The Irukandji jellyfish, is a small almost invisible foe, but one that packs a nasty sting, which pretty much sums us up (or at least that’s the plan =)).

What do we offer / do?

PVP Activities

  • Small gang roams
  • Black Ops
  • Alliance scale rage roll gangs

PVP Supported by

  • Ships to Lend
  • Logistics
  • Content creators / hunters keep the loot

PVE Activities

  • C5 anomalies
  • Gas / ore sites
  • T3D / T3C production
  • Capital Production
  • Day tripping

Services we offer

  • TS3 + OOG communication
  • Buyback for blue loot / ore / gas

Our requirements We are a laid back group, and do not treat the game like a job. However, we do expect a certain level of self-sufficiency, while we do help out newer players the ability to learn to operate without hand holding is important.

  • Fluent English with working MIC
  • Willingness to conform to our roaming / fleet doctrines
  • Previous WH experience preferred, but not essential.
  • Sense of humour / Thick skin

If you are interested you can either contact a Director or myself, alternatively join a public channel

CEO EU TZ – DARKIFRIT / Precsion Coth

Directors EU TZ - sakimoto san / jack1011 edwards

Director US - Michael Shadowxstorm / Azarah Aubaris

Public Channel - OW it [-HRTZ]

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